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Producing videos by doing it yourself right at your desktop without specialized equipment

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Everything You've Ever Wanted From a Video Maker Software

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No Extra Hardware Needed

Amaze your audience with professional quality videos done just using your computer and the built-in features like the microphone and the webcam. There is no reason not to make your own video, fast and easily.


Intuitive & Clean Interface

We focus on simplifying the process of recording and editing video, thus giving power to all people to create their videos regardless of the degree of knowledge. Also combining a simple, intuitive interface based on multiple choices help the user throughout the process.


Integrated Technology

Knowing which applications you use the most for sharing knowledge and know-how we join the main offer and incorporating their use with easy2rec. Thereby enabling the user interacting with the application within the easy2rec. However you can always record your screen for all applications that are not supported.


100% Customizable Design

While the process has been simplified to the maximum we added the ability to easily change and customize how you want the content and user camera is displayed. You can also add your logo and change the background color of the video and preview the final result before the export.


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The Easy2rec is a software for its versatility, simplicity, utility and design in my opinion is undoubtedly a reference and one of the best software I've had the opportunity to work on my professional experience!
Pedro Carvalho
Troika de Livros
Easyrec is indispensable for quickly creating professional videos. This tool allowed me to save money, doing my videos easily at my home with only my computer and my favorite apps and earn from it.
Pedro Trindade
UBBIN Labs, lda.